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Pāraoa - Whalebone

At Te Takapū, students learn the revered tradition of carving pounamu (Nephrite-Jade/Greenstone), bone and stone. This tohu (qualification) is for two years and is approximately 40 hours per week, 47 weeks of the year.

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Pātītī - 0108LN

To create a pātītī, an iron axe-head was fastened to a carved timber or whalebone handle resulting in a weapon that was practical and uniquely decorated. Prior to the introduction of the musket, the pātītī was a weapon favoured by Māori in the New Zealand Land Wars.

Material: Handle: Parāoa (Whalebone) & Blade: Steel

Measurements: 410mm x 130mm

Hei Tiki (Double Sided) - 4513PD

Hei tiki are the best known of all Māori adornments. Tiki are symbols of fertility that depict a new-born child. They are often family heirlooms bearing personal names and embodying their wearers lineage. As with most Māori personal adornments, hei tiki are often passed down generationally.

Material: Parāoa (Whalebone)

Measurements: 110mm x 58mm