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Wheua - Bone

At Te Takapū, students learn the revered tradition of carving pounamu (Nephrite-Jade/Greenstone), bone and stone. This tohu (qualification) is for two years and is approximately 40 hours per week, 47 weeks of the year.

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Heru - 3755IR

Heru were produced in varying shapes and sizes and were made from wood, and in some instance’s whalebone. These combs were highly valued as personal heirlooms and were consequently passed down from one generation to the next, often acquiring their own personal names. The combs were mostly decorative and held the pūtikitiki (top knot) in place. When a comb was broken, it was placed in a swamp or some sacred place for safe keeping because the head was the most sacred part of the body and therefore tapu (sacred).