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Picture for category Te Takapū - National Stone & Bone Carving School

Te Takapū - National Stone & Bone Carving School

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At Te Takapū, students learn the revered tradition of carving pounamu (Nephrite-Jade/Greenstone), bone and stone.

The school opened on 5 October 2009, expanding on NZMACI’s commitment to maintaining, developing and promoting the arts, crafts and culture of iwi Māori (Māori tribes) as mandated by the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute Act (1963) (History).

The school was first led by Lewis Gardiner who is a well-regarded pounamu artist of his generation.

Stacy Gordine, a renowned artist from the East Coast of New Zealand – and uri of Hone Te Kauru and Pine Taiapa – now leads the programme and is shaping the direction of the wānanga into the future.

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Kōmore (Anklet) - 5424TO

Material: Pounamu (Kawakawa)

Measurements: 30mm x 8mm x 4mm

Porotaka Hei Matau - 5412HW

Coastal and river-based Māori tribes traditionally used a variety of fishhooks and lures. Hooks and lures varied in shape, material and design. Today hei matau (fishhooks) have become symbolic of traditional Māori technology and continue to symbolize a relationship to Tangaroa, God of the sea.

Material: Pounamu (Kawakawa)

Measurements: 47mm x 57mm x 8mm

Pounamu Bracelet - 5420TO

Material: Pounamu (Kawakawa)

Measurements: 30mm x 30mm x 7mm

Pounamu Bracelet - 5421TO

Material: Pounamu (Kawakawa)

Measurements: 30mm x 30mm x 7mm

Toki - 5406KH

The toki pendent is based on the form of the carving chisel used in whakairo (Māori carving).

Material: Pounamu (Kawakawa)

Measurements: 55mm x 23mm x 5mm